Where does all this fascination of railways come from? Well, in the years BC (before computers) entertainment for growing youngsters was largely concerned with things that existed around where one lived. I just happened to be born in Peterborough within sounds of the ECML  and one of my first memories was of my grandmother taking me in a pram over Crescent bridge to watch the trains. It stuck. I became hooked on ‘Sammy the Shunter’ which in to me was an old GNR C12 tank engine used as station pilot at Peterborough North. The former parcels loading bay was a regular stop for the pram and it was here at a very tender age that I gained my first ‘cab’ in one of Ivatt’s finest.

Trainspotting is a much maligned activity today but in an age when ITV had not been invented and BBC television closed down until teatime this was a real entertainment. With no afternoon cinema my father would collect my brother and I from school on a Thursday (his half day off) and park the car at the station from where we would watch many iconic engines perform their dramatic departures under Crescent bridge. The earliest photos I took were at this spot with a Brownie camera which my father bought for me after reading about the modernisation plan outlining the end of the steam engine. Although not himself an enthusiast he was aware of how fast things could change and a need to record the moment. So I thank him for that and even though my own pictures are generally not of publishing quality they have informed my interest ever since. A few appear on this website. Also here you will see some images from the Noel Ingram collection which is now looked after by Chris Leigh ( Model Rail magazine). These are an important aid to my research and I have to thank Chris  for access to some of the pictures taken at and around Greatford crossing during the early 1960′s. As a result the layout features a cameo appearance of the photographer himself standing by the lineside all in 4mm!
Steam had all but gone from Peterborough in 1964 but by then other distractions had taken over. Watching my local football team, riding around on my Lambretta and listening to soul music were just some of the legitimate characteristics of growing up as a teenager. Then there were girls! So what has changed? Nothing much. I have my model railway with all my old photographs to enjoy, I still support the ‘Posh’ and I ride around in a classic car! Oh, and I have a lovely wife (who likes trains) and a great family. Full circle like a six foot eight driving wheel.



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