Jul 062012


Although the layout does not depict Peterborough in the sixties it does contain some of the iconic features of the area. The most obvious of these is the bow string bridge across the mainline linking the city centre with the west of the region. Having spent much of my trainspotting time under the span in the parcels yard it was only natural to want to include this in my East Coast flavoured layout. The structure is as accurate as one can get using cut card but two compromises were made. firstly it is shorter in scale to suit the width of the layout. Secondly, to simplify the modelling it does not have the subtle curvature over the tracks that exists on the real thing. A later compromise will have to be made for the fencing on the bridge as the real version involved a ┬ácomplex system of spikes along the decorative top edge. All trusses are painstakingly fretted out of the card with a fine craft knife with UHU being the preferred adhesive. However, there were times when dealing with intricate parts that it was less ‘stringy’ to use PVA glue. Hundreds of spots of the latter were used to represent the large rivets which are a characteristic feature of the bridge. The final structure was painted in grey acrylic primer from a spray can. All buttresses were constructed with thick card (art mounting board) and clad in ┬ábrick embossed plasticard before the bricks were painted with some picked put in individual colours.


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