Apr 032013

On my layout the far end was going to be a hidden area of storage sidings (sort of fiddle yard ) but it seemed to develop a mind of its own and soon became a scenic space. As the track, of course, curves around here there were inevitably two corners to fill. The first which was beyond the occupation bridge was easy enough. This was a continuation of the Lincolnshire landscape but with diminishing perspective created by blending in ‘N’ scale features and figures. The opposite side was more of a problem but as the general flavour of the project is based on my experiences around Peterborough I could not ignore the presence of the brick making industry. The following photos chart my attempt to capture the atmosphere of a brickyard (albeit in a small space) and as far as possible detail the structures. The latter was not as straight forward as one might expect because I could find very little visual evidence to help with the modelling. For instance what happened on top ( coal loading) was hardly ever visible but on a model we see these things. Perhaps no one took many pictures of the workings of such places as they may not not have been considered glamorous enough. The model is built on a separate base which meant I could work on it indoors during the winter months. It was then installed on the layout and further detail such as piles of new bricks, lorries, workmen etc added in situ. It will be noticed that the rear of the kilns was made with reducing dimensions to help with the perception of decreasing perspective. There is still plenty to do as I intend to complete the interior of the wheel house and create a working conveyor so often seen crossing over roads in the Yaxley area.

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